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Year 4


The teachers who have the delightful job of teaching this wonderful year group are Miss Partridge (4P), Mrs Watts and Mr Purvis (4WP). We'll be ably assisted by Mrs Cowling and Mrs Marns.

We have some fabulous topics that we cover across the year including: Cool Britannia; Bang, Shake, Rattle and Roll (Natural Hazards); Blood, Bones and Bits Between (Human Bodies); Vicious Viking and Spiffing Saxons and Rainforests. 


Have a look below for some of our favourite activities so far this year. The first picture shows 4ME's most successful stable structure, built to withstand an 'earthquake' (AKA our teachers shaking the table vigorously). The second picture shows us learning about plate tectonics through the medium of biscuits. No prizes for guessing why we loved these lessons! 


Picture 1
Picture 2

THE HUMAN BONES SONG | Science Music Video

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