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Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Friar’s Grove Primary School!


Our school is at the heart of a thriving school community where staff, parents and governors work closely together, and where the children in our care, are an absolute delight to work with. 


All members of staff get to know our pupils well and we are wholeheartedly committed to understanding them in a 360º way which means that our partnership with families is essential in helping to build a clear picture of every child as an individual, and enables us to plan for him or her, accordingly.


A visit to our school is always recommended as that is undoubtedly the best way to get a real flavour of our ethos and of course you will be able to observe our happy and enthusiastic pupils as they go about their school day.


Our mission statement is at the heart of all school developments: 

We will be an inclusive school. High personal achievement for every child and adult will be at the top of every agenda, with a clear commitment to lifelong learning, and moral, spiritual, cultural and social development.


The curriculum will set the children we teach today, on the road to becoming successful adults of the future. It will enable our pupils to successfully transfer up in to the next phase of their schooling with high levels of personal achievement and an excellent toolkit for learning.


All children and staff will be happy in their work, well- motivated and confident learners, operating in a climate of praise and celebration of success.


The environment will be attractive and stimulating, with the highest quality resources to hand.


As staff, parents, governors and members of the wider community, we will work together to ensure that this vision is shared, owned and supported by all.



Do not hesitate to get in touch with our school office if you would like to make an appointment to visit, or simply have any further questions. You will find more detailed information within our prospectus (in key information) and about more specific elements of the school day within the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 handbooks within the Curriculum tab.


Helen Dudley-Smith                                           




Picture 1 Welcome to our happy School
Picture 2 Enjoying ICT
Picture 3 Learning Together