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Our Summer 2019 Topic Displays

Earth Hour is an internationally-recognised annual event where millions of people around the world switch off their lights and electrical appliances for an hour and make a pledge to help look after our planet. 


I  asked the children to consider making a pledge to help care for our planet. For instance, will they:

  • Donate to charity unused toys and clothes in their home and pledge to only buy what they need
  • Check whether any food items in their home use unsustainable palm oil and pledge to stop eating them
  • Plan a patch of garden to encourage wildlife and pledge to look after it
  • Recycle any plastic bags stored at home and pledge to replace with re-usable or cloth ones. 


The children made their Pledges on a form and some parents sent in photos of their children carrying out their pledge.

James' pledge: recycling egg shells.
Jasleen's pledge to give toys to charity
Harleen's  pledge to give toys to charity
Harleen and Jasleen pledge to use non plastic bags
Thomas' pledge to look after caterpillars
Jacob's pledge to to plant a cordyline
Tiger- Lily planted some sunflowers for the bees
Lena's pledge to collect litter
Anya's pledge to recycle
Euan's pledge to save energy

Take a look at these photos of the wonderful work the children have been doing across the curriculum in Spring 2019.