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Our curriculum and teaching approaches

We are building our new curriculum, so that children gain propositional and procedural knowledge through carefully-planned projects and units of work, which have planned links within different subjects and across the school years. Propositional knowledge is knowing facts, understanding concepts and remembering what they have been taught. Procedural knowledge is knowing how to do something and can also be called skills.

Teachers regularly lead children in retrieval practice activities so that children are able to embed their learning and build a bank of knowledge. As this knowledge grows, teachers introduce activities that enable children to practise what they have learnt and apply their learning. At the end of each unit, children complete an independent assessment activity to enable the teacher to gain a clear view of the knowledge that the child has learned and how well they have mastered that knowledge (i.e. how well they can apply it on their own terms). Examples of independent assessment activities include:

  • Children describe how to sail from point A to point B on a blank world map using locational and directional language, compass directions and the names of continents and oceans. Children to work in pairs to record using iPads.(Year 2 Geography, Explorers)
  • Debate and balanced argument – ‘Was Queen Victoria the most influential figure during The Victorian era?’  (Year 6 History, Victorians) 



Our School Curriculum Drivers 


Reflective communicator -

children have the vocabulary and skills to communicate effectively, explain and reflect on their learning.


Self-motivated learner –

children are willing to take risks, question, seek out challenges, make connections and take pride in their learning.


Community Participant –

Children feel a sense of belonging as empathetic, respectful and supportive members of our school community as well as wider communities, able to take on different roles and work in a team.

Our Long Term Plan (Summer 2021)