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The staff team are working together on introducing new approaches to our curriculum. We have looked again at our curriculum and ensured that the planned activities meet the needs of our children in particular and ensure that they are learning and remembering what they are taught and can use the knowledge and concepts in a variety of different contexts. It is our hope that the new curriculum will encourage the children to be enthusiastic learners who are prepared to take risks and to take ownership of their learning.


We will keep parents up to date with the changes and how you can help your child to flourish in the new curriculum. 


An area of learning that has seen the biggest change is Mathematics. We have introduced Mastery Teaching from September 2018. Using research, advice from a Maths Hub and observations of teachers from Shanghai carrying out lessons, the teachers are enthusiastically taking this approach on board and seeing the benefits as children show a greater understanding of mathematical skills and understanding. This new approach is explained in the leaflet below, which was shared with parents at the Spring 2019 Parents Evening. Parents were also invited to a Maths Workshop in Spring 2019.