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Foundation Stage

What is our Reception class all about?
We aim to:
  • Foster the personal, social and emotional well being in all children by supporting the transition to a school setting;
  • Enhance children’s social skills, encouraging them to co-operate and work harmoniously alongside, and with each other;
  • Promote attention skills and persistence;
  • Create independent and enquiring learners;
  • Build on what children already know at a level that is relevant for each individual;
  • Recognise that every child is unique;
  • Develop positive relationships with all our families
How will my child learn in Reception?
In Reception your child will learn in a very practical, purposeful way. Although we have two classes the reception staff work very closely together and the children will often work across the classes. Your child will learn with either the teacher or teaching assistant, both in whole class or group situations and through child initiated activities. We keep our planning flexible so we can always cater for children’s individuals needs and interests.

The Reception Area consists of two separate but inter-connecting classrooms. These have access to a shared outside teaching area. There is direct access from both classrooms to cloakrooms and toilets and it is through the doors between the cloakrooms and the outside area that the children normally enter and leave school.
Mrs Helen Tutt (class RT) and Mrs Karen Bhattacharjee (class RB) are the teachers responsible for the two Reception Classes. They are assisted by three classroom assistants Mrs Siobhan Blanchette and Mrs Jenny Dale. We may occasionally be supported by students from local schools, colleges and universities.

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